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About me
and my design process

I’m a California-based product designer, UX strategist and creative producer with a passion for innovation and product user advocacy, a lifelong learner, curious, explorative, creative in work and life and a bit of a dreamer, future thinker.


I didn't set out to be anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experiences. I made several transitions along the creative path: visual artist, creative writer, digital artist; photographer, graphic designer/illustrator.


In 2000 I shifted into UX and product design after post-grad studies at University of California, Irvine.

Creative producer, UX Design


Since it's early inception and chaotic evolutionary wave, human-centered design opened up a wide range of possibilities. My creative and collaborative efforts have spanned a wide variety of clientele and user experience design practicum.

  • Whole-product design

  • Design thinking

  • Content strategy

  • UX Writing

  • Digital marketing and analytics

  • Product hypothesis, customer journey, visioning and road-mapping

  • Iterative UX research 

  • Product management

  • Coaching, workshops and facilitation

Design philosophy

My design philosophy is to first focus on users, their current workflow or problem solving strategies, then choose the right problem to be solved - areas where UX design might add positive impact, especially a fresher, simpler, more delightful product experience. My designs are clean, minimalist, and adhere to the "FABU Principle" -- the quintessential formula I defined years ago, which stands for Familiar, Accessible, Beneficial and Ubiquitous. Maintaining clarity of vision, core values, and relevancy are also key design principles for value-driven products.


I'm a great admirer of modernist design principles of minimalism and purism, as much as the classical and universal theories, such as sacred geometry, color language, Gestalt principles, and the experimental-evolutionary approach. As process goes, Antoine de Saint-Exupery captures it best: 


"Perfection is achieved not when there Is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” 

Educator, coach, mentor.


In August 2020, I transitioned into the role of educator, coach and mentor, specializing in UX design workshops and immersion courses; training and coaching individuals with limited or evolving knowledge of design thinking, research, product design and product management and design processes.


I coach design students to excel in creative practice, process, in turning ambiguity into solid, sustainable design ideas, and in optimizing screen interaction designs around real world experiences.​​​

Post-graduate studies, plein air painting

The educator position afforded the the opportunity to further my graduate work at Cornell University's Samuel Johnson Graduate School of Management, along with a lifelong dream to pursue watercolor painting, illustration, and field sketching.


I look for the beauty that life has to offer everyday, new horizons, new people, new experiences. With every adventure I look forward to the going, into the open gap, the anticipation between being here and being there -- it's the best feeling ever.

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Charitable organizations I support:

Surfrider Foundation - Member/Volunteer
World Bicycle Relief - Fundraiser

Rails to Trails Conservancy - Contributor/Fundraiser



The Surfrider Foundation (Volunteer)

Clean Coast (Volunteer)

Chatham Sailing Club (Member / Site Administrator)

Rails to Trails Conservancy

League of American Bicyclists 

American Alpine Club


Contact Me

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Email communication preferred. Please contact me below if you are interested in working together.

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