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I’m a California-based product designer, UX strategist and creative producer, dedicated to innovation and product user advocacy. A lifelong learner, curious, explorative, creative in work and life and a bit of a dreamer, future thinker.


I didn't set out to be anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experiences. I made several transitions along the creative path: visual artist, creative writer, digital artist; photographer, graphic designer/illustrator; and in June 2000 I completed post-grad in interactive design / architecture at University of California, Irvine. My undergrad work includes a BA from the University of Maryland (UMB), three years of study in illustration, design and communication arts (Cleveland and Maryland Institutes of Art). Over the summers in high school I gained an early start in my career as a paid intern for a small communication arts / graphic design firm. 

Recent work

From 2019-2022 I completed two six-month post-graduate programs with Cornell University's Samuel Johnson Graduate School of Management in Product Management / Innovation and Digital Marketing

In August 2020, while attending graduate school and looking for work alternates through the pandemic, a new path revealed itself in the role of UX design educator, coach and mentor with Thinkful / Chegg Skills. Since 2020, I've engaged and mentored 1:1 with over 500 students in building their UX design skills and practice. Providing learning, support, and mentoring for those with limited or evolving knowledge of design thinking and process, research and mobile application design has been hugely rewarding. I encourage students to continue learning long past graduation, as I expect this of myself too! 
In my off time, I contribute design to special projects, including pro bono. I am active in community eco-sustainability endeavors, an avid sailor, road and gravel cyclist, outdoors and water sports enthusiast.


From my recent creativity workshop

"Practice and Process."

©2023 Carol Barger

Beach clean up (front/center) with Clean Coast. Image courtesy Clean Coast, Ossabaw Island, 2021

What I'm looking for

I'm always on the lookout for new and challenging projects, especially endeavors involving educational or service-oriented products, the outdoors, fitness, health and wellness; inclusiveness, especially for those with physical challenges or disabilities. I also have keen and active interest in contributing to environmental/conservation and sustainability efforts.


Please contact me if you're interested in working together. 


I look for the beauty that life has to offer everyday, new horizons, new people, new experiences. With every adventure I look forward to the going, into the open gap, the anticipation between being here and being there -- it's the best feeling ever.

Charitable and community organizations I support:

Clean Coast (Volunteer)
World Bicycle Relief - Fundraiser

Rails to Trails Conservancy - Contributor/Fundraiser



The Surfrider Foundation (Member/Volunteer)

Chatham Sailing Club Board Member (Media & website)

League of American Bicyclists 

American Alpine Club


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