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I’m a Savannah, GA-based product designer, UX strategist and creative producer, dedicated to innovation and product user advocacy. A lifelong learner, curious, explorative, creative in work and life and a bit of a dreamer, future thinker.

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Skills overview

Product design processes

Design thinking, ideation & deliverables

Creative lead / oversight

Product strategy

Content strategy


Human-centered design Research methods


UX research tools

Adobe Creative Suite
Figma, Origami Studio
Miro, .bubble, Lucid, Webflow, Wordpress
Wix Studio

Productboard, Jira, 
MS Project, Trello

Agile Methodology



Product Designer - 22 yrs

UX Researcher - 18 yrs

Lead - 60+ projects
Educator - 5 yrs
Crusader of data and ROI-driven design. Empathetic optimist with a gift for connecting with others.



Product Management

Digital Marketing

Interactive Design &


B.A. Creative Writing

Visual Design

my story

I didn't set out to be anything in particular, only to live creatively and push the scope of my experiences. I made several creative shifts: visual artist, graphic designer, illustrator, creative writer, UI designer, UX designer, product designer, and design educator. My undergrad work includes a BA from the University of Maryland (UMB), three years of study in illustration, design and communication arts at the Cleveland and Maryland Institutes of Art. While completing coursework I gained an early start in my career as a paid intern for a small communication arts / graphic design firm. 

In June 2000, I completed post-grad in interactive design / architecture at University of California, Irvine and career shifted into UI, UX, product design and innovation. Two weeks before I graduated I accepted a GUI design & development team role with an agency that provided digital services for, GMC Financial, Polycom and Apria Healthcare. The company later expanded into producing its own business intelligence products and solutions. Here, I gained both breadth and depth of experience with teams, stakeholders, turning user stories and customer definitions into remarkable product experiences. Overall, the best career move I've ever made. In the 23 years following the agency experience, I produced, led and contributed to over 60 new products and conversions.

People Walking

recent work

From 2019-2022 I completed two post-graduate certificate programs with Cornell University's Samuel Johnson Graduate School of Management custom executive programs in Product Management / Innovation and Digital Marketing. In August 2020, while attending graduate school and looking for work alternates through the pandemic, a new path revealed itself in the role of UX design educator, coach and mentor with Thinkful / Chegg Skills.

In 2020, I joined Chegg Skills and have since engaged with over 500 students in building their UX design learnings, skills and practice. Educating those with limited or evolving knowledge of design thinking and process, research and mobile application design has been hugely rewarding.  As of January 2023 Chegg Skills began to shift learning program strategies to increase enrollment and transform its learning  platforms too better serve self-paced asynchronous learners. To more effectively connect educators with students, live video Q&A, careers immersion and portfolio evaluations were added to the  curriculums. My contributions included content strategy, program guidelines & materials, live assessments and tutoring, as well as content coordinator and advisory to the quarterly hackathon teams. 


Business intelligence



Healthcare and support services apps

Outdoors, fitness, health and wellness. 


Adaptive design

Leading community & collaborative efforts

Green technologies



Beach cleanup, front & center with Clean Coast.
Image courtesy Clean Coast, Ossabaw Island, 2022


Sundial Charters (Nature Guide)
Chatham Sailing Club (Board Member)

World Bicycle Relief (Fundraiser)

Rails to Trails Conservancy (Member)

Surfrider Foundation (Member/Volunteer)

I Love Georgia Coast (Member)

Chatham Sailing Club Board Member

Clean Coast (Member/Volunteer)

League of American Bicyclists (Member)

American Alpine Club (Member)

PADI (Member)

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