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Oregon-based start-up Manzama LLC sought to enhance it’s new product performance and ease of use. The product enabled the ability to query data points or search by keyboard across high density data, trade publications, relative cases, product defects and recalls, product studies, and professional journals.

Process Deliverables

Customer Definition

The Researcher

In the execution or decision making layer, the researcher uses priority information to solve current problem and/or avoid future ones.

Operational, legal, and strategy-focused individuals; research assistants.

Motivations & Challenges:

Meeting information demand and proactive resolution of cases.

Activities for MVP

Look up articles and other published materials.

Maintain a repository.

Manage day to day modifications of subscriptions and feeds.

Sample Use Case

User begins work on a new project, case or subject matter, researches topics, companies etc., around each individual case.

Product Definition

High Level User Stories

Prioritized around redesigning content organization for ease of use, improved hierarchy and simplicity in displaying query results, improved readability and discoverability.

Product Hypothesis

Evaluate and design responsive UI framework, data visualization, usable and beneficial concepts for interaction when querying, researching and customizing large-scale published media streams, managing subscription-based information feeds, displaying data analytics, as well as enhancing product brand recognition.

Architecture / Wireframes

Lo fidelity activity flow

Proposed new grid and fly-out functionality adds width and multiple device adaptability, reduced navigational strain.

Re-brand exploration

Developing fidelity

Proposed adaptive grid - Mobile

Revised design
Style guide - adaptive Grid
Full Scroll Concept

Tablet adaptation

Main panel grid definition

Proposed new visual hierarchy and navigation

Ocular Fixation Study

Re-grid for ease of use, universal page standards and dimensions


Business Goals

Enable users to focus on one activity or task at a time. Potentially less distraction and overwhelmed by other screen elements competing for their attention. For this to be a benefit, we obviously had to modularize the application in ways that make sense to users and minimize the need or distraction to refer to information contained in other areas.

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