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Shark Diver™


Mobile application for a cooperative promotional and eco-tours website.


Role: Experience Design for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile 


About this design:

New responsive / adaptive website for Shark Diver™, to promote it’s cooperative bullshark diving operations in Fiji.


Shark Diver.™ operates eco-tours, shark research expeditions and marine life conservation efforts in cooperation with Beqa Adventure Divers,™ and Shark Reef Marine Reserve (SRMR), which are located in the Fiji Islands.

nMetric LLC

​Smart Scheduling™


Wireframes and responsive design for a business intelligence application. *Note: This slideshow includes a 14 screens capsulizing several steps in the centered design process.


Role: Product Designer, Experience Designer


About this design:

A fresh ubiquitous experience, mobile adaptation and a more intrepid workflow for a 7-year old scheduling / business intelligence application primarily utilized in the manufacturing sector. Focused on increasing transparency of the primary actions, especially the ability of the scheduler to directly control the schedule, as well as shifted the design to resources management and productivity focused workflow. Designed data visualization and activity flow around the behaviors that enable operators to effectively manage the high amount of uncertainty in the manufacturing system. Broke down the complexity of the scheduling decision into a simpler, more progressive and intuitive experience. Updated the visual design and style guide to aid transition of the product into v7.0 with a new responsive UI framework.


​​Laboratory Corporation of America
Information Systems Group



  • Lymphoma, Leukemia, Cancer and Anatomic Pathology resulting 

  • LabCorp Beacon™ Physician Test Order Entry/Retrieval

  • IRIS™ OB/GYN Integrated Resulting

  • LabCorp Beacon Patient™ Results Delivery, Personal, Family, Caregiver Health Management; and Bill Pay via web, tablet and smartphone


Role: Lead UX Architect, Experience Designer

About this design: LabCorp's Information Systems group was the first to successfully capture the full cycle medical lab test resulting experience through integrated tools for pathologists, for generating reports and billing; and for healthcare provider and patient information systems. LabCorp branded solutions significantly improved pathology case productivity and ease of use, and ultimately, the ability for healthcare providers and physicians to provide quality care to the patients they serve. 

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