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Carol barger

Multi-disciplined product designer with a diverse experience in product development, design thinking; user experience design practicum; whole-product design, strategy and research, as well as facilitating collaborative efforts and UX design workshops across teams, partners and organizations.



Santa Clara, CA (100% Remote)

UI/UX Design Immersion Technical Expert/Mentor

Aug 2020 - CURRENT | 

UX design immersion program educator, coach, mentor,
and grader / assesso
r, Q&A session moderator.


Savannah, GA

Experience Designer, 2019 - 2020

Research, design and implementation of mobile experiences for aviation manufacturing engineers, test pilots, and flight operations.


Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
Strategic Partner, 2018 - 2019

UX strategy partner for various confidential clients,

non-profits and start-ups.


San Antonio, TX

Creative Producer, Enterprise UX, 2016 - 2017

Creative lead, internal and customer-facing product design. Conducted user studies, reviewed and updated existing designs, flows, and led design process for USAA’s WIKI-Team site, Agile-ACE training site; ‘new brand’ experience, analytics and personalization for mobile banking.


San Diego, CA

Experience Designer, 2014 - 2015
Re-engineered the company’s SEO, blog, digital marketing objectives to support its core mission and marine conservation efforts. Designed new media strategy and new mobile experience for direct booking of eco-tour expeditions.


UX Writer, Experience Designer, 2015

Converted franchisee start-up guidelines into an
interactive digital format. 

Completed the turnaround in six weeks. 


Bend, OR 
Experience Designer, 2015

Achieved various UX goals including: improved readability, discoverability, cleaner flow improved usability in querying, researching and customizing large-scale published media streams. Spearheaded adaption of a newer responsive UI framework on mid-start, plus re-brand, and revised/re-faced the experience design for managing subscription-based information feeds and notifications.

Achieved continuity, consumer trust and universal standard across search, data analytics and information graphics. 


Costa Mesa, CA / Chicago, IL

Lead UX Architect, 2014-2015

Partnered with marketing team, SMEs and the implementation

group tasked with designing a new intrepid workflow for a

scheduling and business intelligence application primarily utilized in the manufacturing sector.

Increased transparency of primary actions and complexity

of the scheduling decisions and functions.

Created and implemented new foundation design specs, user stories, personas, wireframes; new style guide and new responsive framework. Extended a wider spectrum of personas to shift the application archetype from a simple timeline scheduler into include resources management and workflow / productivity tools, therefore expanding it’s potential usage areas - from shop floor level managers, planners, sales,

customer service, to high level strategic planning.


Irvine, CA / Burlington NC  

Lead UX Architect/Team Lead, Information Systems

2009 - 2012

Lead producer across multiple teams and projects to design
digital visualization for customized enterprise, portal and mobile application tools – Pathways™, Pathways Virtual Image, LabCorp: Patient™ and IRIS™ (Integrated Results Information System). As newer projects emerged, grew the creative team to 10 designers.  
Partnered with UX and integration teams at Microsoft and Microsoft HealthVault™ to combine clinical laboratory test delivery solutions.

Championed the full life cycle of digitally enabled lab test resulting by integrating all the related tools: order entry, pathology test resulting; generating lab reports and billing; healthcare provider order entry; and direct-to-patient lab test results delivery for ‘Right to Access’ in 28 states.  
Designed and produced a new branded mobile patient portal solution; significantly improved pathology case productivity, ease of use. 
Drastically shortened the timeline from test order to delivery,and ultimately, the ability for healthcare providers and physicians to provide quality care to the patients they serve. 



Irvine, CA,

UX Design Consultant, 2008 - 2009

Evangelized and implemented user centered design process (UCD) for US LABS anatomic pathology applications used to diagnose and provide treatment options for cancer, lymphoma, urology, and dermatology, and end-to-end pathology results reporting.

Collaborated with the Head Medical Director and members of her staff to conduct user studies, interviews, gather user feedback, and maintain a build-through-relationship approach throughout the design process. 

Championed the efforts to adopt newer, technologically advanced systems (bar coding, voice recognition, test process continuity, etc.) 

Seamlessly transitioned clinical laboratory technicians to a faster, more efficient workflow

Reduced test results turnaround time from two weeks

to 5-7 days.



Strategic Partner

UX for Mosaic Thought Leadership Group

Creator of Artzy™, TideTurn™, PanSpot™ and Wandercolors™

Designed and prototyped a new user experience

for SCAD E-Learning

Over a span of 20 years, achieved completion of over 60 turnarounds and new product designs.

Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Invision, Procreate
Figma, JIRA, LarkSuite, ProductPlan, Asana, Trello, Webflow, Canvas

Design Thinking Process

Product Management

User Research




Agile / Kanban

UX Workshops, Coaching and Facilitation

UX Writing

Digital Marketing

Marketing Analytics

eLearning Technologies



Digital Media



Cornell University
Samuel Johnson Graduate School of Management 

Post-Grad Certification
Innovation & Product Management
July 2021


Cornell University
Samuel Johnson Graduate School of Management 

Post-Grad Certification
Digital Marketing

University of California, Irvine

Post Grad Certification
Information Architecture & Design 


GPA 4.0 | Completed the two-year program

in 18 months

University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) / Yale Gordon College

of Arts and Sciences
BA, Creative Writing and Publication Design

Summa Cum Laude


Three years of study
Maryland and Cleveland Institutes of Art 

Design & Illustration

Imagery Inc. Columbia, MD

Paid internship in Graphic Design,
Architectural Rendering and Illustration 


Advanced Google Analytics (2020)
Micro Certification, Strategic Thinking (2020)
Micro Certification, Measuring e-Learning Effectiveness (2020)

Micro Certification, Essentials of E-Learning

& Instructional Design (2020)


RemoteNet Corp.,

a digital agency servicing

Northrop Grumman Corporation

(2006 - 2007)

(2005 - 2006)

Intrepid Executive Search


British Petroleum


Gold's Gym International Franchising

(2004 - 2005)

Ceira Software


Ceira Technologies Inc.,

formerly Digital Convergence, LLC,

an agency servicing:

Wells Fargo Bank

Polycom Corporation

Gateway Inc.

Apria Healthcare.



Organizations and Volunteer Work

Charitable organizations I support:

Surfrider Foundation - Member/Volunteer
World Bicycle Relief - Fundraiser

Rails to Trails Conservancy - Contributor/Fundraiser



The Surfrider Foundation (Volunteer)

Clean Coast (Volunteer)

Chatham Sailing Club (Member / Site Administrator)

Rails to Trails Conservancy

League of American Bicyclists 

American Alpine Club


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