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Old wardrobe made new

Wardrobes are versatile and utilitarian cabinets that clean up and revitalize most any cluttered space. Historically, wardrobes are a basic and movable necessity to bring both charm and utility to most anywhere in your home. Buy one with removable shelves, so it can be customized as needed with clothing rods can be added on fairly cheaply. I found this one at a local tag sale.

If you are repainting the piece with a similar color, you only need to gently sand to rough up the surface.

Do yourself a huge favor and buy an electric sander. I recommend the Black & Decker Mouse. It's especially useful for sanding furniture and and around small crevices and corners.

Attend to details, like removing old paint off the hinges and hardware using an earthly friendly product.

Run a test swatch on cardboard strip or paint stir stick.


Materials: Electric sander

Coarse and fine sandpaper

Chalk paint - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color 'Old White'

Finishing wax Rags

The Steps:

Before sanding the cabinet doors, sand and remove the door handle hardware and decals. Remove the wooden decals carefully by slipping a flat metal scraper gently underneath and lifting, first under it' tacks, then under the broader section of the decal. Once this stressful part is over, the rest is easy.

Sand the entire surface and clean up the hardware and hinges with paint or goo solvent. Wipe with a damp rag and let dry before painting.

Paint two coats with a roller if you like a smooth surface, or with a 3" brush for a painterly look. Let dry completely between coats. Follow directions for finishing with Dover Finishing Wax.

After the fresh paint sets in for 48 hours, finish off with a clear-coat seal according to directions. Sealant will protect your work and keep the paint job looking fresh for years to come.

Where to buy:


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